GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE "FREE RANGE (Paccofree and Postafree)" October 26, 2015 1 of 5 These governing the new "Free" range of Poste Italian S.p.A. General Terms of Service (hereinafter "CGS") with registered office in Rome, Viale Europa 190, Zip Code 00144, VAT number 01114601006, Fiscal Code 97103880585 (hereinafter "Post"). ARTICLE 1- PURPOSE OF THE SERVICE 1.1 The "Free" range is a range of non-universal services that relate to the shipping and delivery of items prepared and signed by the customer using special pre-paid package purchased at Post Offices or other individuals specifically authorized to sell ( hereinafter "Sellers"). 1.2 In particular, the "Free" range includes the following services (hereinafter altogether "Free Service"): - "Postafree," relates to items up to 2 kg with delivery of 4 to 6 working days as stated in article 6:10; - "Paccofree," relates to send up to 30 kg with delivery within 1 to 2 business days as described in article 6.11. 1.3 The sending shipment must be made no later than one year from the date of purchase of the pack shown on the purchase receipt. 1.4 The Free Service is divided into two phases: (i) purchase by the customer of the prepaid package and (ii) sending shipment. The two phases can be contextual or be realized in two different times as detailed in art. 5. 1.5 Poste, at the time of the pre-paid package, provides the activation of the related barcode useful for shipping and to disable the expiration of one year from date of purchase stated on the sales receipt issued at the time of ' purchase. 1.6 The delivery of items covered by the Free Service is performed on the entire national territory with the exception of the town of Livigno, Trepalle, Campione d'Italy. You can not send mailings to San Marino and Vatican City. 1.7 On the basis of the determination AVCP n. 4 of 07/07/11 laying down the guidelines on the traceability of financial flows in accordance with art. 3 of Law 13 August 2010, n. 136, for expenditure incurred by the cashiers of the awarding entities, through economale bottom, must be considered permissible for payments using cash, in accordance with local regulations; fall within this group, for example, payments for expenses relating to stamp duties, taxes and other rights central government, postage, transportation tickets, newspapers and publications. 1.8 The Client hereby authorizes Poste to perform the Service and / or part thereof by the Group companies and / or third parties. ARTICLE 2- CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SERVICE 2.1 The basic features of the service are the following: ability to ship the item within one year from the date of purchase of the pack, indicated on the receipt, without additional cost; proof of postage by the receipt of acceptance; the item is delivered to the consignee from Monday to Friday, except Saturday and public holidays also during the week, with the recipient's signature for receipt or other person authorized to retire; notice of failure to deliver in case of absent recipient; second attempt to automatically free stock delivery for 10 working days at the Post Office indicated on notice of non-delivery. Free return to the Customer sender of mail not delivered; electronic tracking on the computer systems of the Italian Post Office (T & T); you can be informed about the status of their shipments on the site www.poste.it to http://www.poste.it/online/dovequando/home.do page or by contacting the Contact Center of the Italian Post Office to the number 803160, on the working day following that of acceptance. The all'803.160 calls are free for callers from a landline; who has access to the mobile network to the customer service of the Italian Post will dial the no. 199,100,160. The cost of the call is related to the operator used and is equal to a maximum of € 0.60 per minute plus EUR 0.15 to the answer. And 'possible to call from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 20pm delivery to PO Box and poste restante. 2.2 The Service may be provided, upon customer request, even with additional services if available; in this regard, Poste will communicate the availability of such additional services through the site www.poste.it to http://www.poste.it/postali/italia/preaffrancate.shtml page by publishing the terms and conditions, also economic. 2.3 Poste reserves the right to suspend, even partially, for the payment of the organizing needs by giving appropriate information to the Customer Service. ARTICLE 3 - CONTENT OF SUBMISSIONS 3.1 are not admitted to the shipment of items prohibited by law or considered dangerous under current legislation or which by their nature, can pose harm to humans, the environment or harm to other expeditions transported. 3.2 are not allowed to shipping coins, money in any currency, and credit card values registered securities and / or bearer, bills, gold objects or parts in gold, platinum or silver and not processed, jewelry, furs, objects with the value of art, antiques, collectibles, and every other valuable object. Weapons are not allowed of any kind, or parts of them, except the provisions of art. 45 of the Regulations for the execution of T.U. of public safety laws, which states "are not considered weapons from the tip and cutting tools, which, although they can occasionally serve to the offense, have a specific and different destination, such as the GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICE" FREE RANGE (Paccofree and Postafree) "October 26, 2015 2 of 5 work tools, and those intended for domestic, agricultural, scientific, sporting, industrial and the like". No pets explosives, flammable, infectious, irritating substances, radioactive, pornographic materials, live animals, plants (except those in miniature such as bonsai, oily or dry), perishable products and any dangerous substance. 3.3 are admitted to shipping liquids, but they must be in individual containers suitable for transportation and packed with appropriate protective material in sufficient quantity to absorb the liquid in case of breakage. 3.4 The Customer is solely responsible for the packing and packaging of shipments, assigned to the Italian Post Office and is still responsible for any damages resulting from dressing defects within the limits of the provisions of art. 1693 of the Civil Code. 3.5 Poste reserves the right to refuse shipments that may be non-compliant with the provisions in the Contract within the limits of the provisions of the Civil Code dall'art.1693. ARTICLE 4 - WEIGHTS AND SIZES 4.1 of BRE's "Free Range" packs are available in various formats advertised at www.poste.it http://www.poste.it/postali/italia/preaffrancate.shtml the page and at the UP enabled and from Dealers. 4.2 The packs can contain documents and objects up to 2 kg in weight for Postafree and up to 30 kg in weight for Paccofree. 4.3 Items of Postafree and Paccofree not comply will not be accepted. ARTICLE 5- MODES OF ACCESS TO purchase of pre-paid package UP 5.1 Phase 5.1.1 The Customer may request the package: a) at the post / post offices enabled enterprise offices, or at retailers (only send Paccofree) b) only Postafree at his residence in areas where the service, calling the number 803 160 from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 20.00, except on public holidays or by filling out the form available on the site is active www.poste.it , the http://www.poste.it/online/posteitalianeperte/home.do page and subsequent confirmation of the willingness on the part of Poste 5.1.2 in the case referred to in art. 5.1.1 letter. b), the customer can cancel and / or change the appointment request no later than 1 working day before the agreed date for delivery of the package, by contacting the number 803.160.Qualora the customer, on the day and in the time period agreed upon, it was absent at the address indicated at the time of the request, Poste will fit into the same mailbox a notice indicating the date and time when the attempted delivery of the package was made. It is understood that, in this case, Poste not will have to make a second delivery. It will therefore burden of the customer, if interested, submit your request by contacting Poste again in the manner described above are 5.1.1.lett. b). 5.2 Phase of acceptance and delivery 5.2.1 The Customer may send the sending of Free range from post offices or through home collection: at the same time the purchase of pre-paid packages or within one year from the date of purchase. 5.2.2 The Client, for access to shipping, has to fill "the sender and recipient fields" present on the pre-paid package and on the form that will be issued by Poste at the time of shipment. 5.2.3 For the purposes of acceptance, the Customer may choose to: a) present the consignment at authorized UP; b) For items Postafree, demand the withdrawal of the shipment at your location (in areas where the service is active, indicated at www.poste.it to http://www.poste.it/online/posteitalianeperte/verificaRichiesta page .do) following the procedure referred to in Article 5.1.1. letter. b); to the exclusion of Livigno, Italy Trepalle and Champion of San Marino and the Vatican City. c) For items Paccofree demand the withdrawal at his home, calling the 803 160 number for a date between the 1st and the 90th calendar day following the day of booking. The customer may cancel and / or modify your reservation without any charge at its own expense no later than two hours before the agreed date for the withdrawal. The service is available throughout the national territory to the exclusion of Livigno, Trepalle and Campione d'Italy. 5.2.4 Poste, from the moment of issue the customer a copy of the receipt of acceptance, which show all the data relating to the shipment. 5.2.5 The customer who does not use the pre-paid pack within one year from the date of purchase, you shall not be entitled to any refund, even partial. No refunds are also envisaged in the event of termination of the contract and in case of loss of the package by the customer or in case of refund request. ARTICLE 6 - HOW 'AND DELIVERY TIMES 6.1 Poste makes the first delivery attempt at the address shown on items. Upon Poste address: Delivery sending to the addressee or the person authorized to withdraw (household member, partner, family helper, porter, and person involved in the distribution of mail on the premises); in the absence of the recipient leaves the stock alert; GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE "FREE RANGE (Paccofree and Postafree)" October 26, 2015 3 of 5 if the recipient is unavailable (due to insufficient address, incorrect address, nonexistent address, unknown recipient, died, transferred) or refuses delivery, the operator notes the reason of non-delivery for the return to sender. 6.2 Upon delivery, the recipient or the qualified withdrawal must sign it in full on the forms. 6.3 The delivery business may fail for the following reasons: a. Non-delivery of items deliverable: o Destination missing; Sending or refused; b. Non-delivery of mail undeliverable: Address or insufficient; or inaccurate address; or non-existent address; Recipient or untraceable; or Recipient unknown; Recipient or deceased; Recipient or transferred. 6.4 For consignments of Postafree and Paccofree, in case of absence of the recipient at the first delivery attempt is planned a second attempt at the same address, it automatically carried on the business day following the date on the relevant notice (Monday to Friday). 6.5 In case of absence of the recipient at the second attempt to deliver the package will be available at the office specified in the relevant notice of storage, for 10 days for both Postafree that Paccofree from the business day following the date indicated on notice. For the entire period during which it did not have any consideration. 6.6 The second delivery attempt is not made for items Paccofreee for items Postafree whose recipient has activated a customized delivery service or have an active mailbox. 6.7 In cases of non-delivery of mail undeliverable, refused or made stock, items are returned to sender. The return to sender service is included in the price of shipping. 6.8 The customer, free of charge, has the right to request the sending return at the same day of acceptance no later than the internal processing step of the UP enabled to start the package for subsequent processing. 6.9 In accordance with the Charter of the quality of postal services, published on the website www.poste.it http://www.poste.it/assistenza/carta-qualita.shtml page. - The average delivery times of items of Postafree are 4 working days - if shipped within the same municipality - or 6 days in the remaining cases and within the served areas of the country. - For items of Paccofree the average delivery time is 1 working day throughout the national territory and to 2 working days or to Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia. The aforementioned delivery standards shall be increased by one day for some smaller towns on the list published on the website www.poste.it http://www.poste.it/postali/italia/preaffrancate.shtml page. 10.6 Deliveries will be made to the addressee on working days from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturdays and public holidays also during the week. 6.11 delivery times refer only to items in compliance with the requirements set by Poste for content, weight and size, mode of acceptance, cut-off times, the customer obligations and everything else provided in these Terms and Conditions. For consignments accepted beyond the cut-off time indicated in the Post Offices, the delivery times begin on the working day following that of acceptance. Items presented on Saturday have forwarded the following Monday if you work. 6:12 And 'possible to deliver shipment in poste restante, reporting on the consignment note and on the parcel the addressee, or the details of his identity document, the words "poste restante" - post office (post office name ) the post office address (address, postal code, and Location). The post offices in the service (the offices are the same as Express Courier) are present at www.poste.it to http://www.poste.it/online/cercaup/ page or by calling toll 803.160. The storage duration is 10 working days. The General Delivery service is free. 6:13 And 'possible to deliver the shipment at a post office box reporting on the waybill the addressee, the number of PO Box, the post office with its address and number of CAP. The storage duration is 10 working days. The post offices in the service (the offices are the same Espresso) Courier can be controlled at www.poste.it http://www.poste.it/online/cercaup/ the next page, or by calling toll 803.160. The mailbox service is free. ARTICLE 7 - FEES 7.1 The prices of the services are given free range at www.poste.it to http://www.poste.it/postali/italia/preaffrancate.shtml page. 7.2 The price is unique and includes: a) the purchase of a package of your choice from the available; b) the delivery of the package and the withdrawal for acceptance at the customer's home (if requested and if available); GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE "FREE RANGE (Paccofree and Postafree)" October 26, 2015 4 5 c) an expedition; 7.3 The price is chargeable to tax at the ordinary rate. 7.4 The prices of possible additional services will be posted on the site www.poste.it http://www.poste.it/postali/italia/preaffrancate.shtml page and at authorized service to UP, by the time these services will be made available. ARTICLE 8 - RULES 'OF BILLING AND PAYMENT 8.1 The Customer is required to make payment of fees upon delivery of pre-paid package. 8.2 Payment can be made, according to the client with one of the following ways: a) at the UP enabled: the payment can be made in cash, with Postamat and Postepay. It is not allowed to use the stamps for payment. Upon payment, upon customer request, a receipt for payment is issued. In case of request for the invoice, the customer is given an integrated tax receipt at the time of payment and activated the procedure for the centralized issuance of deferred invoice will be delivered to the address specified by the customer on the receipt; b) at the domicile of the customer only to send Postafree: payment can be made in cash, with Postamat and Postepay. Payment by payment cards indicated at www.poste.it is possible only when the Customer has received confirmation at the time of telephone booking. Upon payment is released to the customer a receipt that serves as a receipt of payment. In the case of invoice request, the customer is given an integrated receipt (no later than the time of payment) and activated the procedure for the centralized issuance of the invoice, which will be delivered to the address specified by the customer on the receipt. c) from Dealers only to send Paccofree: in the manner provided by these. ARTICLE 9 - DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 'THE CUSTOMER 9.1 The Customer is responsible for the preparation and packaging of shipments besides the accuracy of the data relating to the sender and receiver. 9.2 The Customer undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Poste from all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, charges and expenses, including legal, which may be suffered or incurred by Poste, as a result of any failure by the Customer to fulfill its obligations against him. ARTICLE 10 - LIABILITY 'OF ITEMS 10.1 Poste is responsible of items presented by the Customer from the moment of taking over and will respond only in cases and within the limits set forth in article 11.4 for damages that will be direct and immediate consequence of his conduct. 10.2 Poste is not responsible in case of failure to complete the, late service, loss, total or partial damage, tampering with contents of items not allowed and for any other reason attributable to the originator customer. 10.3 In the event that the execution of the service is delayed, prevented or hindered by unforeseeable circumstances, or force majeure, or by any other event / cause, without exception, which does not relate to Poste, the same running s' It intends suspended for a period equal to the duration of the extenuating circumstance. "Force majeure" shall mean any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Post Office and, therefore, by way of example and not exhaustive, refers to acts of public authorities, war, revolution, insurrection or civil unrest, lockouts, strikes or other industrial disputes, blockades or embargoes, disruptions in the supply of electricity, flooding, natural disasters, epidemics. ARTICLE 11 - COMPLAINTS AND REMEDIES 11.1 The Client or its delegate must file a claim in the manner indicated at www.poste.it to http://www.poste.it/assistenza/reclami.shtml page. 11.2 For consignments Postafree, the complaint can be presented by the 7th business day following the date of acceptance of delivery and not later than 3 months and must contain the particulars of the consignment, as well as being provided with a copy of the receipt issued to the request of the pack and that of acceptance. 11.3 For consignments Paccofree the complaint can be presented by the 1st working day after the date set for delivery and no later than 3 months and must contain the particulars of the consignment, as well as being provided with a copy of the receipt issued at the time of request of the pack and that of acceptance. 11.4 Without prejudice to the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, in accordance with Article 1382 of the Civil Code, compensation, with express exclusion of additional amounts by way of damages, it is in the following cases: a. late in the first delivery attempt from the first working day following the delivery times mentioned in art. 6 and the 15th business day following the date of acceptance: as well as compensation will be equal to one and a half times (150%) the price of the single package of VAT and any ancillary services; b. late in the first attempt to address exceeding the 15th business day following the date of acceptance, non-delivery, or loss, tampering, total damage resulting from the minutes drawn up in the debate between the recipient and the person in charge of Poste on delivery of ' sending. The compensation will amount to € 100.00; GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE "FREE RANGE (Paccofree and Postafree)" October 26, 2015 5 5 c. failure to complete the service without a valid reason (for Paccofree): compensation will be equal to one and a half times (150%) the price of the single package of VAT and any ancillary services. 11.5 Poste will provide feedback to the complaint within 45 calendar days from the date of receipt of the same and to pay compensation within 40 days from the communication of the outcome of the complaint, with one of the following methods chosen by the customer: a. giro check cashable at any Post Office; b. crediting current account Bancoposta. 11.6 If the claim has not been considered satisfactory outcome or in the absence of notification of the outcome within the period mentioned, the client can have access to the conciliation procedure as published on www.poste.it site at http: // www.poste.it/assistenza/conciliazione.shtml. 11.7 If the outcome of the settlement procedure is not considered satisfactory, the customer is entitled to ask the Authority to the postal sector regulation, including through the national associations of consumers and users. 11.8 It is understood that no compensation will be due to the customer who has not complied with the specific conditions of content and weight, mode of acceptance and cut-off times, and anything planned against him by these Conditions of Contract. 11.9 No compensation will be due to the Customer if, for reasons attributable to it, the home delivery on the date and in the time slot can not be agreed at the booking stage. ARTICLE 12 - JURISDICTION 12.1 Any dispute relating to the interpretation of these Terms, and to the enforcement of the Service, if the Customer qualifies as a consumer, natural person acting for purposes unrelated to business or professional activity, is responsible the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the customer, if located in the State; in all other cases, it is referred exclusively to the court of Rome. ARTICLE 13 - PROVISIONS APPLICABLE For matters not covered by these General Conditions, shall apply, mutatis mutandis, the conditions for carrying out the universal postal service the General Services approved by Resolution no. 385/13 / CONS (Official Gazette 07/16/2013 n. 165) and subsequent amendments for the delivery service, and the provisions of the Civil Code on the transport of things. ARTICLE 14 - PERSONAL DATA In 'completion of delivery activities, Post will operate in accordance with the applicable provisions on mail, provided by Postal Code pursuant to Presidential Decree 156/73 and subsequent amendments and, in particular, art. 10 Privacy of correspondence and of any communication or post operation.

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